Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Privacy and security

During a visit on our website, you leave information with us. This happens for example when you make an account, place an order, start chatting with us or subscribe to our newsletter. We can imagine you would like to know more about our privacy policy when using your data. On this page, you'll find more information about this. 

If you have questions about this after reading this page, don't hesitate and get in contact on 0031 85 0606732

External sites

For certain services, we need a thirt party to deliver. We like to explain to you how we handle these collaborations. 

Deliveries: we need couriers to deliver your orders. For the Netherlands we work with PostNL and JP Haarlem for all our deliveries. They both work through online systems were we login and upload your information such as an address and contact details. We demand from those parties that they are carefull about your data. 

Newsletter: You can subscribe to our La Boutique Blanche newsletter in many different ways. This way we'll keep you informed on promotions, events, new products, etc. This letter is always send in a general way. Do you no longer want to receive the newletter? Click here. 

Reviews: we love reviews! When you write a review, you choose whether you want to show your personal information or not to another visitor of the site. We always keep the data of whom writes the reviews. 

Give-away-promo: When you enter one of our give-away-promos, you give us your information. This info is kept for the results of the promo and to measure the respons. 

Chat: To get quick contact, we use an external chat. This way we can help you immediately by looking with you during your visit. We do not keep your information about this contact if there is no appointment on getting back in touch or follow-up. 


Your account

If you enter an account on the La Boutique Blanche website, we keep your information in our system. This contains name, addresses, phonenumber, mailadres, delivery- and paimentdata and all other given data. For you it's handy as you don't need to fill in your details every time. We do keep information about your prior orders as well. 



For questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us on [email protected] or 0031 85 0606 732.